Brief contextualization of the macro-economic and socio-political scenario
Before understanding the dynamics that influenced the creation of a protocol like Uniqo, it is of utmost importance to examine the current macro-economic scenarios and market trends in view of human factor.

The untold history of currency

Since the concept of currency was first invented, countless wars took place in the world in the strategic competition for the future architecture of the global financial and monetary system. On the chessboard of the world, financial tools like currencies and monetary assets are being used as weapons, means of intimidation, manipulation, destruction and subordination, leaving millions of economic casualties.
A mention should be made of the current chaos of the various global monetary systems, the internationalization of currencies, the rise and fall of dominant reserve currencies, monetary competition, fluctuation of exchange rates, manipulation of commodity prices for strategic purposes, together with the nature of international financial systems themselves. There is a profound overlap between the economic sphere of money, markets, finance, trade and wealth and the political sphere of governments, power, conflicts and control.

The great illusion

For over fifty years, the international monetary system based on fiat currency has given the illusion of being able to solve any problem by drowning it in liquidity (financial crises, pandemics, wars...) but these continuous injections of liquidity have done nothing else than further widen global imbalances in a vicious circle. The inability to solve this problem has been a serious cause of impoverishment and social discontent, and even of wars and revolutions.
Today - indeed - the "unsecured checks" that circulate masked as international currencies are coming to their maturity: the massive injections of liquidity that have characterized the last thirteen years have provided the fuel for the current inflationary flare of which pandemics and wars have constituted merely the trigger. An international system that does not allow the payment of debts is a system that in the long run is unable to ensure peace, given that - as the common etymological root of the two words also reminds us - there is no peace without payment.