Invest in Uniqo

Listed below are all the steps necessary to join Uniqo!

1. What you need

1.1. Wallet

Before you can buy the UNIQO token, you will need a BNB Smart Chain-compatible wallet. You can learn how to get one here.

1.2. BNB and BUSD

UNIQO is paired with BUSD. That means that in order to buy UNIQO you will need to have some BUSD tokens to trade UNIQO with.
In addition to the BUSD you want to trade, a small quantity of BNB is always needed in order to buy UNIQO for paying the gas fees.
Currently, Smart-Routing is not available for UNIQO. This means that you will be only able to trade UNIQO with BUSD.

2. Getting set up to swap

2.1. The DEX

UNIQO is listed on the Swych DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

2.2. The Token

UNIQO's Contract Address can be found in the section // Deployment Addresses.

3. Swapping

3.1. Connect your wallet

Make sure you are on Swych's correct link. Connect your wallet to Swych by clicking the "Connect Wallet" button in the top-right corner of your screen.

3.2. Enter amount

Enter the desired amount of BUSD or UNIQO that you want to trade.

3.3. Enable BUSD

Simply click "Enable BUSD" and confirm with your wallet.

3.4. Set taxes and Slippage

Set the "AutoTax" toggle to on to automatically deduct the Buy Tax (12%).
Set your desired Slippage. This will be independent fron the AutoTax and is necessary to accommodate token price fluctuations.

3.5. Swap

Once you've completed all the steps above, you're ready to swap your BUSD for UNIQO.
Simply click "Swap Now".

3.6. Confirm transaction

After you click "Swap Now" your wallet will ask for a confirmation of the transaction.
Double check everything and click "Confirm".

3.7. Done

Once confirmed with your wallet, your transaction is sent to the blockchain and the swap is initialized.

4. Profit!

Congratulations, you're now a proud UNIQO holder!
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