Tax System

The Uniqo protocol applies taxes on buys and sells of the UNIQO token. The tax system is as described below:
Buy Tax: 0%
Sell Tax: 15%

Tax Distribution

  • Auto-Liquidity MultiSig: 50%*
  • Treasury MultiSig: 30%*
  • Burn Address: 20%*
*As an example, 15% of a sell goes into fees, 50% of which is then sent to the Auto-Liquidity system. This means that 7,5% of the total sell contributes to the Auto-Liquidity.


A flat tax of 35% is applied to partial transfers made between wallets, in order to avoid wallet splitting aimed to bypass the protocol's tax system.
At the same time, any user who wishes to move their entire UNIQO holding from their wallet to new wallet will be able to do this tax-free, given that they transfer 100% of their tokens and that the recipient wallet has a balance of zero UNIQO.
When a user transfers their whole UNIQO holdings to a new wallet using a tax-free full transfer, the recipient wallet will not be allowed to sell or transfer its UNIQO tokens for the next 24 hours. This measure is necessary to avoid users cheating the tax system.
The tax-free full transfers are designed for - and especially useful to - the user in case of a potentially compromised wallet or if they wish to move their UNIQO tokens to a hardware wallet for an added layer of security.