Maximize Your Investment

What is Auto-Compounding?

Auto-compounding refers to the process of no longer having to manually claim and restake your fixed interest.
Typical investments distribute interests on a daily or monthly basis, and compounding would mean for an investor having to claim every reward and restaking it, going through this whole process for every reward received.
Uniqo solves the need for manual interaction by automatically collecting and re-investing rewards for the investor. With rewards distributed every 30 minutes it would be unthinkable of having to manually restake them every single time.
Compound interest is one of the most undervalued benefits in any investment, whilst at the same time it's the instrument that generates the greatest impact on an asset.

Benefits of Auto-Compunding

  • Time saving Auto-compounding allows investors to compound significantly faster than if they were to do it on their own. They don't have to reinvest their rewards from time to time, Uniqo takes away the hassle and a big waste of time. If users were to do this manually they would have to sit in front of their devices all day long.
  • Reduced Transaction Costs The auto-coumponding functionality translates into savings on transaction fees for individual holders, the Uniqo ecosystem and the entire BNB blockchain.
  • Automation The benefit is in the name. An auto-compounder protocol takes the thinking out of it and allows you to set it and forget it.

Be far-sighted

Take advantage of the power of Uniqo's automatic compounding while holding your coins safe in your wallet. Your assets are constantly reinvested to maximize the exponential growth of your portfolio both in the short and long term.

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