Fixed Passive Income

Plan Your Finances

3,777% Per Year

Uniqo grants a 1% daily interest on the entire invested capital* as an incentive to those who have decided to purchase and contribute to the protocol. This translates into a simple annual interest of 365%, or a compound annual interest of 3,777%.
*The interest is rewarded based on the entire capital holding in your wallet, not on the capital invested initially.

How is the interest paid?

Interest is paid in UNIQO tokens. The Uniqo protocol recognizes interest to each individual investor every half hour.
The investor doesn't need to take any action, the interest will be distributed automatically and directly into his wallet.

Where does the interest come from?

New tokens are generated directly at internal level inside the Uniqo protocol and then distributed among the investors' wallets. The interest isn't generated through forceful minting of tokens, however the outcome is highly comparable in inflationary terms, as the supply is increased with each token delivery.
An increase in supply or an inflationary action does not necessarily imply a loss in value of the asset: thanks to Uniqo's Progressive Deflation and Rebound features, asset value is sustained throughout every token delivery.


It is of fundamental importance to guarantee to the investor a fixed and constant interest over time in order to give them the possibility to work out in advance their own strategy and the amount of the investment. Secondly, the user can plan future economic needs based on the interests perceived on a daily basis.