Protocol Revenue

With the aim of generating external streams of revenue for Uniqo's Protocol, the Treasury will be invested in multiple external protocols that will generate yield on the deposits.
Uniqo's Treasury will be secured thanks to a MultiSig Contract.

Buybacks and Burns

"Buyback and burn" is a term widely used in the context of digital assets, but the concept is similar to conventional share repurchase plans. In traditional finance, share issuers repurchase previously issued shares on the secondary market in order to reduce the circulating supply and hence boost market prices, thereby supporting long-term price stability, volatility reduction and value appreciation.
The same method may be applied to digital assets like UNIQO, and in this instance, the price of the token tends to climb for two reasons:
  • Increased scaricity generates additional demand on the market
  • As the supply of the token decreases, its price tends to rise accordingly
The Treasury farming interest will be used to carry out buybacks and burns of the UNIQO token, increasing scarcity, appreciation, and sustainability.
The Team is currently considering whether the buybacks and burns should be performed manually or through an automated system.