Self-Aware Smart Contract

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What is a Self-Aware Smart Contract?

In recent years, blockchain technology and smart contracts have received significant attention as they exhibit autonomy, decentralization, trust, and transparency over peer-to-peer networks while moving assets digitally among peers without need for a third-party such as lawyers in conventional contracts.
Smart contracts are computerized scripts or protocols that execute contractual clauses when certain pre-defined conditions are met and thereby digitally enforce the negotiation and performance of a contract.
To become "Self-Aware Smart Contracts" (SASC), smart contracts must have a high level of automation as they need to be aware of both their internal contextual environment and the external world.

What benefits does Uniqo's smart contract bring?

Uniqo, studying all the factors that influence an investment strategy, made use of SASC technology to build around the needs of people, creating an open-source tool that protects personal finances, with the advantage of not being influenced by exogenous factors.
A simplified representation of Uniqo's SASC not being influenced by exogenous (external) factors, while it monitors and regulates only factors internal to its ecosystem (endogenous factors).
The Uniqo protocol constantly monitors the status and evolution of its ecosystem, taking into account the token holdings/supply ratios and exchange orders to strategically manage the investors' assets according to inflation with the aim of optimizing the returns of every single portfolio.
Uniqo's smart contract is self-aware thanks to its ability to keep track of its inflation and take action in case its value should become excessive in respect to predetermined parameters. Learn more about the Rebound.

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