What is Uniqo?

Uniqo is a new and innovative DeFi product that facilitates stable and secure investment. Powered by a unique protocol that strategically manages inflation and deflation, Uniqo protects investors from traditional risks while providing a way to earn passive income. By using Blockchain and Web3 technology it offers users a quick, intuitive and secure financial tool to maximize their investment strategy.
Uniqo is the first decentralized protocol that takes advantage of the Rebound Effect.
Uniqo is changing the landscape of investing and provides a solution to many of the typical problems that negatively impact traditional means of investment.
The financial revolution is here, and Uniqo is leading the way toward a stable future of collective wealth.

Core Principles

Uniqo as Store of Value

A store of value is essentially an asset, commodity, or currency that can be saved, retrieved, and exchanged in the future without deteriorating in value. In other words, to enter this category, the item acquired should, over time, either be worth the same or more.
Uniqo's protocol was developed so that's it's able to thrive in any market scenario and during any macro-economic trend. It is not correlated to the performance of any other asset, much less the crypto with which it is exchanged. Uniqo will be traded in its liquidity pool with the stablecoin BUSD, in the UNIQO/BUSD pair. Naturally, it will be possible to trade Uniqo directly with other cryptocurrencies on the BNB Smart Chain thanks to smart routing, a technology that allows users to swap easily and automatically between different tokens.
The smart contract was designed so that it constantly monitors the trend of the token in relation to the supply and can intervene in order to reduce inflation when necessary, profitably rebalancing the investors’ assets and protecting the stability of the entire ecosystem.

Emotional Neutrality

Emotional neutrality is the concept of removing greed, fear, and other human emotions from financial or investment decisions. The goal of emotional neutrality is to remove the psychological influence of emotion from the process of making objective financial decisions, so that the best possible decision can be made, regardless of whatever emotions those decisions may trigger.
To understand the importance of the innovations that Uniqo brings, one can simply make an introspective analysis of how much emotions, psychology and human factors have influenced their financial choices.
Behavioral finance starts from the thesis that people are not completely rational and that markets are not completely efficient, and investigates the patterns of social and individual behavior in these markets.
The Uniqo protocol sets aside emotions like fear, insecurity, greed, pride, regret. These are some of the emotions that can affect investor decisions. Especially in the most excited phases of negotiations they can lead to irrational choices, and the memory of wrong choices can also influence future strategies.

Value Your Money, Value Your Time

Uniqo allows investors to take control of their financial future, thanks to a fixed 1% daily reward. Those who have decided to leave the inefficient world of traditional finance will find in Uniqo a new asset that protecs themselves from stagflation and from the low interests offered by TradFi.
Consistently with their financial profile, users can choose whether to take all or part of their daily profit, day by day, or take advantage of the automatic compound interest.

Where is Uniqo headed to?

Uniqo aims to ensure that all investors - regardless of their nationality, experience, or portfolio size - have access on equal terms to a passive income necessary for their economic stability and shared prosperity.

How is this possible?

Uniqo is here to provide a permissionless DeFi tool of the highest standard, something not reproducible in traditional finance, and make it mainstream in an easy and safe way thanks to Blockchain technology and Web3.

What's the secret?

Uniqo provides a winning strategy for personal financial growth thanks to which it's possible to improve overall quality of life. Uniqo guarantees the long-term future of each of its users through transparency, sustainability and technological excellence, breaking the barrier between investment and profit.
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